Alrighty so this is my favorite subject in folklore so this will be my first page. I mean werewolves are ok to but in my personal opinoin vampires are better.

Ok so my first subject is about TWILIGHT. Yes the major teen dramatization that is crossing America and probably other countries. Ok so Edward or Edwardo (as I call him) is a vampire. Just to let you know the books are soooooooo much better than the movies. And I will not get into Robert Patterson and his poor acting skills and Kristen Stewart and her pathetic attempts at playing Bella. The books are better, JUST SAYING. But anyway back to the original subject, the vampires. What Stephanie Meyer basically did was take several legends and put them together to make the Cullens and the rest of the vampires in the books. What she did was take all these legends,

  • red eyes from blood (human)
  • unexplained powers for some but not for others*
  • diamond skin that sparkles (SPARKLY) in the sun
  • hard but not pointy teeth
  • hard indestructible skin
  • thirst for human blood (obviously)
  • undying love for human of the opposite gender to the point of which you would do anything to protect them
  • in some legends (have only heard one) that they have gold eyes from animal blood.

and put them into her books. In my opinion she is a genius! But anyway the vampires were a little disappointing for me. One because they didn’t have pointy canines like other vampires do and two because they had it seem like Jasper was the only one who could feel what she was feeling when no one else could read* her but I guess that he could just fell the emotions coming off of her and not actually read the reason why.  So if you have seen the movies or read the books you would know that Jane (Volturi) has the effect of making you feel pain. But what she is actuly doing is giving you the illusion that you are feeling pain. Some of the vampires have that kind of power not an actual thing just an illusion.


Now on to the next subject; the eyes. Now I like the traditional red eyes with the glimmer from the light and

with the mascara that seems to make them pop out, but that’s just me. Now in Twilight they have the gold eyes of the Cullen coven but then they have the red eyes of the ones that are not……… well for lack of a better word; vegetarians. But if I made those books well then they would all have different colored eyes instead of just gold and red. Moving on….. the color of the eye has to do with what you eat (if only it were true) and by what kind of vampire you are. If you are like the ones in Twilight then you either have red eyes or gold eyes and, when angry, black eyes. Now if you are from the Vampire Diaries then you will have any range of eyes except when you drink (blood) or are defending yourself. The Twilight eyes don’t look nearly as cool,

so that is the eyes on that part if you want any more info researched (about the eyes) and put on here leave a post.


 yeah according to Twilight, Vampires are supposed to sparkle in the sunlight.

 personally I agree with this not at all creepy looking vampire. I mean he may look funny but he has a point. Sooner or later Congress is going to make me delete these pictures and it is making me very, very unhappy!!!

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